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General Purpose Trailers

Some people might think that Brian James don’t make General Purpose and Commercial Trailers and that the only one in the UK is the one with the funny name.

The fact is Brian James have been making Car Transporters for over 30 years and have built a reputation second to none and for the last 10 years they have used all the Technology, Experience and most importantly Observation in making a range of the most successful General Purpose and Commercial Trailers in Europe today.

From the Cargo Compact starting at 2.6m Bed Length with a Gross Weight of 1.5tns right up to our Cargo Flatbed Range that goes to a Bed Length of 5.5m with a Gross Weight of 3.5tns

The Shifter Range starting at 2.5m Bed Length and 1.30 Wide, single axle that has a Gross Weight of 1.3tns going up to Bed Length of 4.0m, 1.85 m wide and a Gross Weight of 3.5tns and we haven’t even got to the Tiltbeds, The Tippers and The Plant Trailers.

There is a General Purpose Trailer to suit you and with a massive choice.

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